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“Why This Nurse’s Aide Got Up and Went to Work Every Day” – Did you read it?

“They have the most responsibility for providing hands-on care…but they are paid the least. It seems to me that something is wrong with this picture.”

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10 things only CNAs understand

“The haunting echo of call lights in my nightmares!” Sound familiar, CNAs? Laugh at this too-true list!

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10 funny memes for CNAs

Are you a CNA looking to LOL? We’ve got you covered!

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Q&A: “What can I expect while taking my CNA exam?”

Wondering what’s going to happen during your official CNA exam? One CNA looks back on his own experience…

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Q&A: “Do CNAs need a resume?”

CNA jobs are in high demand. Do you have the proper materials gathered to earn the job?

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Q&A: “Is caregiver support a future concern?”

As Americans age and their families shrink, there is concern for the future supply of family support for elderly individuals. What does this mean for CNAs?

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Q&A: “My CNA license expired…what now?”

“My CNA license has expired. Do I need to take a refresher class?” Get the answer to this question and more in this week’s Q&A!

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Q&A: “How do I become a CNA?”

Interested in becoming a CNA? We’ve got tons of tips on how to prepare and go after your dream gig.

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Salary advice for CNAs from CNAs

Check out some helpful advice from your fellow CNAs about making extra money, where to look for jobs and more!

Round up: Stories for and about CNAs

Round up: Stories for and about CNAs

Are you a CNA? Here’s your one-stop shop for all of our top content on your job!

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Top CE courses for CNAs

Take your patient care to the next level with these suggested courses for CNAs!

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What an RN should never ask of a CNA

What goes around comes around folks, and I’m here to publicly apologize to any CNA reading this.

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Top 10 things you’ll need in your CNA survival kit

#10: A Band-Aid to heal hurt feelings, whether yours or someone else’s.

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A CNA’s prayer

Here’s a prayer for all my fellow CNA’s out there. Thank you for all you do.

Top 10 ways to tell you’re a CNA

Top 10 ways to tell you’re a CNA

A CNA has a special way of adapting to his or her environment. Check out these humorous insights about life as a nurse assistant.