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12 Funniest Coworker Texts from Nurses On and Off the Job


Where would you be without your coworkers? They’re there for you when you need them most. Maybe you need a shift covered at the last minute or someone to deal with the “crazy naked guy” that keeps undoing their catheter.

Nurses depend on their colleagues in so many ways. When you get burned out or annoyed, they’re there to brighten your day with all kinds of funny retorts, medical jokes, and on-the-job banter. Celebrate Friday with these hilarious texts between nurses.

1. The car warranty people WILL find you…


2. Letting the Balloon Fly


3. Explosive Bras…or Bust!


4. Sparing No Expense for Appreciation


5. On the Verge of Breaking Through


6. The Best Part of Waking Up…or Not


7. Go Ask your Mom


8. It’s a Small World…or Not?


9. Menses Stuck in the Past Tenses


10. Say What?


11. What’s in a Name?


12. Still Waiting for Their Piece of the Pie


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