How To Be That B*tch Nurse. A Step by Step Guide!


Us Nurses are well known for our temperament. We know our sh*t and we won’t let anything slide. Try to throw us under the bus, or even spell HIPAA wrong and we’ll destroy you. 50% of us are supportive and see the glass half full while the other 50% continue to play the b*tch card.
If you find yourself guilty of any of the below perhaps you need a taste of some good ol’ Nurse humor. Read on to see if you fit the bill!

  1. Haters Gon’ Hate.
    You know what you do and you know who you are. You will most likely cling to your Nurse pack, you won’t stray from them because you feel safe in your little circle, sniding at the newbie or the Nurse who shows empathy or enthusiasm. You most definitely definitely eat your young.

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