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Let’s Make a Deal is Casting Nurses for a Special Honorary Episode


Are you ready to make a deal?

The classic game show from 1963 has been rebooted with host comedian Wayne Brady and now the producers are looking to fill the audience with fun energetic nurses for a special honorary episode dedicated to frontline healthcare workers. This is your chance to be on TV and win dozens of prizes and giveaways, including cars, cash, and trips.

Let’s Make a Deal tapes live in Los Angeles. Nurses that are a three-hour drive away from Los Angeles will be chosen to participate. If you don’t live near LA, you can still participate and win prizes via Zoom. The show added a virtual wall of contestants in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to let fans play the game from home. The show refers to these players as “At-Homies”

You can sign up online at or email ce***@pi***********.com for more information.

The show airs during the day on CBS. Check your local station for more information. It became a household name in the 60s and 70s when it aired in primetime, and the current edition of the show has been running since 2009 to rave reviews.

During the show, the host will randomly select audience members to participate as “traders”. People often dress up in wild costumes to increase their chances of getting selected. Once they are chosen, each participant is given a valuable item. They then have to choose between holding onto the item or trading it in for something else. The trick is that the other item remains hidden from view, usually behind a curtain or inside of a box, so the trader doesn’t know if they are getting something of greater or equal value. There is also a chance the person could trade in their valuable item for a “zonk”, an item with little or no retail value.

Let’s Make a Deal is ultimately a game of chance, but everyone has the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in prizes and giveaways.

This isn’t the first time the producers have honored healthcare workers. The show put together a special remote episode a couple of months into the pandemic. Nurses, doctors, and paramedics were encouraged to audition via Zoom for a chance to be on the show.

“The idea sprang into my head because I wanted for us at ‘Deal’ to not only bring smiles to our loyal Deal Family, but to give hope and something to look forward to,” Host Wayne Brady said at the time. “In times like this, a small token can go a long way. Whether a joke or a $50 Amazon gift card, when the news is oftentimes bad, I wanted us to be that bright spot in their day.”

Sign up for the show today to make a deal on live TV!


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