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Nurse Scans ID to Get into Her Own House After Working the Night Shift


Working all through the night can leave you exhausted. You might be so tired you might even mistake your own house for the intensive care unit! That’s what happened to nurse Lizzie Nicole, who recorded herself trying to swipe her ID on her front porch using her doorbell camera. She posted the hilarious clip on TikTok under the username @thelizzienicole3 where it currently has 800,000 likes.



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“Tell me you’re tired from the night shift without telling me you’re tired from the night shift,” she wrote in the caption.

The nurse can be seen trying to swipe her ID several times as if it would open the door to her home. “It’s a thing when you constantly have to badge into things at work and you’re there more than home,” she wrote on the post.

Other providers could relate to her experience. “Didn’t work the night shift but I’ve answered my cell phone at home, ‘NICU this is Erica,’” wrote one commenter.

“I don’t even work the night shift, but I’ve literally done this at the gas station, to get in my car, or to get out of the bathroom, all places where badges aren’t needed,” wrote another.

“I passed my badge in a hotel elevator and pushed a number like it was a patient transfer elevator. I was annoyed with myself when I realized I wasn’t moving,” reads another comment.

It also applies to people who work in other industries. “I work in a prison setting, and I tried to use keys to open the refrigerator in the break room. Lmao,” wrote someone else.

Others wrote that they were so tired they couldn’t remember driving home the next morning. A lack of sleep can leave you struggling to perform basic tasks because the brain is struggling to take in new information, including awareness of your surroundings.

Steven Briggs
Steven Briggs is a healthcare writer for Scrubs Magazine, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. With both of his parents working in the healthcare industry, Steven writes about the various issues and concerns facing the industry today.

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