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Nurses Share Their Biggest Predictions for Nursing 2023


The new year is just around the corner and 2023 could lead to major changes that affect nurses and the healthcare industry. The last 12 months have been especially difficult for providers as the system struggles to bounce back from the pandemic. We have also seen several nursing unions go on strike or threaten to strike in order to achieve higher pay, including the National Health Service in the U.K.0

Travel nursing has ebbed and flowed since 2020 as well, reaching a peak during the earlier part of the year, but demand for travel nurses is coming back down. The year 2023 could accelerate these trends for better or worse. Here are some of your colleagues’ biggest predictions for the new year:

I’m hoping the hospitals, administration, etc. start listening to concerns so we can do our job without such bad anxiety and have safe patient-to-staff ratios. Oh, and for our society to appreciate all we do instead of making healthcare out to be something that it isn’t. Yes, there’s bad nurses just like in any field but some of the demands on nurses have become a bit unrealistic and have led to an abundance of burn out.


Pay cut, worse working conditions, longer shifts.


Short staffing will get shorter.


If we ALL left bedside nursing, we would achieve the goals of safe staffing, respect, pay, and benefits. But we ALL must leave the bedside before anything changes.


Still going to be an amazing profession/way of life! Great friendships and bonds made. Patients reaping the rewards of your skill and commitment Despite regulations and administrative bulls**t.


In the U.K., carnage. Nurses are striking because patient care has become extremely compromised.


Nurses walking away in droves from the industry.


Nursing staffing crisis will get worse in 2023. One nurse is doing the job of two or three nurses. As nurses, we will continue to unite despite the uphill battle we face daily💕


Maybe we will have to strike to get management, which makes millions of dollars a year, to hear the cry of those nurses that help patients, give correct medications, start IV’s and look at fear in their patient’s eyes.


Unless the system takes better care of their staff, things will only get worse. It is beyond time for change.


Unfortunately, we may see an increase in nurses being charged criminally for med errors made.


That I will always show passion, hence, let me say it, #feelthepassion.


Many new nurses with continued decreasing career lengths.


More hard work and exhausting shifts!


Agencies are cutting rates; facilities are paying more. As a ten-year agency nurse, I always said they had it backwards by not paying their staff more. They are just now figuring this out.


Far worse staffing ratios, continued stagnant wages, more nurses leaving the field (retirement or changing careers), higher rate of burnout. In short, likely worse than the last 2 years…


More burnout. And pizza.


It will continue to deteriorate, as so many have left the profession. Medicare fraud and abuse will remain at an all-time high.


Probably more violence against nurses and Healthcare workers, more burnout in general.


My prediction is that nurses will remain underpaid and undervalued.


I see retail stores becoming more staffed. I see work from home positions for collection agencies filled as nurses find they will be treated better and for the most part no one dies.


If it’s anything like it is now, short staff, high nurse to patient ratios, slim supplies. And it’s the year I finally say goodbye to bedside nursing!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️


Not enough bedside nurses, too many nurses becoming NPs.


Doing your LPN to RN bridge and your work not wanting to accommodate your school schedule because they are short staffed, and they recommend you going part time and work full time with no benefits.


More charting. You can never have enough charting to take away from patient care. New policies we never had before with again, more charting!



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