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Physician Assistant Bound and Killed After Being Stalked by Fellow PA


Philip Rabadi, a 35-year-old physician assistant from New Scotland, NY, was found bound and stabbed to death inside his home after he failed to show up for work. Police say that it appears the suspect, another physician assistant, committed the crime after stalking Rabadi and his wife for three days.

“Unfathomable Grief”

Rabadi’s wife, Elana Radin, who also works as a PA at St. Peter’s Hospital, called the police after her husband didn’t show up for work. She drove home along with her father-in-law just as the police arrived on the scene.

Once inside, they found Rabadi “deceased on the garage floor, bound and with multiple stab wounds and mutilation to his body,” according to Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple.

Apple said the suspect, Jacob Klein, 40, is another PA with no criminal record. He added that Klien is a “past acquaintance” of Rabadi’s wife with “ties” to the local community without offering a possible motive.

“Just an absolutely senseless loss of life, and all the life that that homicide is going to affect for years to come,” Apple said.

The sheriff confirmed that Klein stalked Rabadi and his wife for three days before the alleged crime. However, he said he “can’t go into detail” about the stalking, but they have a “very good chronological breakdown” of events, leading up to the slaying of Rabadi.

Police arrested Klein on Friday after he traveled back home to Virginia. They found a handgun in his vehicle at the time of his arrest. He currently faces one charge of second-degree murder, but authorities say he could face additional charges in the days to come. He will be extradited back to Albany this week.

“There’s no urgency on our behalf to get him home, we have him in custody, that was the important part, make sure he didn’t harm someone else or himself,” the sheriff explained.

While details remain scarce, the authorities believe Klein drove to Albany, NY from Virginia using his own car. He then rented a car from Enterprise that he used to spy on Rabadi and his wife for three days, including at their home and the hospital where they work.

Elana Rabin told police that she was unaware she and her husband were being stalked.

The police say Klein waited for Rabin to leave town before showing up at Rabadi’s house. Surveillance footage shows that Rabadi answered the door and Klein followed him inside.

Maurgerite Marsh, one of Rabadi’s patients, remembered him as a kind, hardworking person that always had his patients’ best interest at heart.

“Everybody liked him. His waiting room was always full when you went to see him. I remember talking to one woman who was in the waiting room one day, and came out and said, ‘Oh no, I want to see Dr. Rabadi,'” she recalled.

Marsh added that Rabadi was always willing to go the extra mile for his patients.

“If I called late at night with a problem, he would call right back. Within a few minutes, an answering service contacted him, he would always return your call, no matter how late it was,” said Marsh.

Like everyone that Rabadi touched, Marsh still can’t believe he’s gone.

“I couldn’t believe it was the same person. I had to keep reading it over and over. I said, my God, why would somebody kill him? I don’t think he had a mean bone in his body,” said Marsh.

Rabadi’s father Shaw Rabadi shared a heartfelt tribute to his son on social media following the tragedy.

“It is with my greatest sorrow and unfathomable grief on this Easter Sunday we share our mourning the loss of my beloved son Philip Rabadi!” he wrote. “A young loving and wonderful human being and great role model for his family and a true friend to all those he loved and all those who loved and admired him!”

“Our endless love for you conquers all that is wicked and evil!” Shaw added.

St. Peter’s Health Partners released a statement as well.

“The news of Philip Rabadi’s passing leaves us with a deep sadness and heavy hearts at St. Peter’s Health Partners. In a memo to colleagues, our senior leaders offered their condolences to Philip’s family and loved ones, mourning the tragic passing of our colleague and friend,” the company wrote.

“As a healthcare organization, it is our Mission to care for those in need. Right now, many of our own are struggling. Grief counseling services are being made available to colleagues should they need additional support.”

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