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Cherokee Uniforms Gives Back

Cherokee Medical Uniforms, in association with The DAISY Foundation, will again award 10 scholarships to support nursing professionals and assist with their career advancement.  Since 2017, Cherokee Uniforms has awarded…

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Top 10 Qualities of a Great Nurse

A sense of humor (or, at least, a healthy sense of irony) is one thing we’d add to this top 10 list. Click in and see the qualities you need to succeed in this profession … and then suggest your own!

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The Nurse Bullying Epidemic

Scrubs Magazine’s #StopNurseBullying campaign. In February 2018, a study was performed to look at the emotional risks of a Nurse. The results were shocking. Nurse Bullying is a real and…

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8 things I’ve learned as the daughter of a nurse

As previously noted right here on Scrubs, my mom, Cathy, is both a cancer survivor and an RN of nearly 35 years. And as the child of any nurse will tell you, growing up with a nurse for a mom is both a blessing and a curse…but mostly a blessing!

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Alcohol – The Nurse Killer?

While nursing is both rich and rewarding, there are probably times when you also find it overwhelming and stressful. So, it makes sense for those in the nursing industry to…

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