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Vet Tech Practices Nursing on Her Dog in Adorable Clip


Nursing students need to practice techniques and routine skills before taking the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX). Some ask their friends and loved ones to play patient, so they can get comfortable performing the technique on a real human being, but Kalia Hess used her dog instead.

She recently posted a clip of her performing a medical assessment on her pet on TikTok, where it quickly took the internet by storm. “When all you have is your dog to practice your practical assessment on,” the caption read.


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♬ original sound – Kaila Hess

Hess works as a part-time veterinary technician but recently decided to pursue a career in nursing.

“I was a veterinary nurse for five years, but I am now switching to human medicine. I am currently in nursing school, which is what’s going on in the TikTok side,” she said. “I am performing a physical assessment on my dog to practice for my skills check-off in class.”

Her dog was a good sport and waited patiently for Hess to complete the faux exam. She asked all the right questions even though the dog didn’t respond.

“Now accepting new patients,” Hess joked in the video.

The video has already racked up over 4.4 million views and 3,000 comments. A lot of people could relate to the dog.

“The way his eyes keep looking at the camera,” one TikTok user wrote.

“I understood everything he said,” another user commented.

“This is so cute,” wrote another user.

“I used my cat as a practice patient during my nursing years,” someone else wrote, equating their experience to Hess’.

Practicing a medical assessment on a human is ideal when you’re studying for your exams, but it’s good to know that you can always use your pet as a patient when there’s no one else around

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