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You know you’re a geriatric nurse when…


Take a glimpse into the world of the geriatric nurse—a world unto itself!
If you are a geriatric nurse, tell us what you’d add to this list! 

You know you’re a geriatric nurse when…

10. You’re talking to a patient and he asks you to turn up the TV.

9. Every sentence ends with: “I need the bathroom when you’re done.”

8. The call bells never stop for a moment.

7. Your med cart is stained with dried applesauce and powdered with crushed pill remnants.

6. You wonder what you stepped in that is so sticky!

5. You prepare patients’ food trays and it looks like the food has been chewed at least once before.

4. You become a professional at cleaning dentures and taking out hearing aid batteries.

3. You’re excited that your patient is actually under 60 years old.

2. You step outside after a long shift (no matter how cold it is!) and think: “Thank God for fresh air!”

1. You comfort a family member and can truly emphasize with them about aging parents.

This list is by Pam Monroe, R.N.

Scrubs Contributor
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