You know you’re a geriatric nurse when…

Take a glimpse into the world of the geriatric nurse—a world unto itself!

If you are a geriatric nurse, tell us what you’d add to this list! 

You know you’re a geriatric nurse when…

10. You’re talking to a patient and he asks you to turn up the TV.

9. Every sentence ends with: “I need the bathroom when you’re done.”

8. The call bells never stop for a moment.

7. Your med cart is stained with dried applesauce and powdered with crushed pill remnants.

6. You wonder what you stepped in that is so sticky!

5. You prepare patients’ food trays and it looks like the food has been chewed at least once before.

4. You become a professional at cleaning dentures and taking out hearing aid batteries.

3. You’re excited that your patient is actually under 60 years old.

2. You step outside after a long shift (no matter how cold it is!) and think: “Thank God for fresh air!”

1. You comfort a family member and can truly emphasize with them about aging parents.

This list is by Pam Monroe, R.N.

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34 Responses to You know you’re a geriatric nurse when…

  1. Cindy

    Love my job!

  2. Jannie

    Hahaha – that’s just spot on !!

  3. jas

    You have to look at the menu paper to see what each color is on the food tray

  4. Mary

    Besides pain pills the most often requested PRN med is a stool softener or laxative

  5. shirley

    Yes, Yes, Yes!

  6. Marla

    11. You worry that dementia is catching. 😉

  7. Maria

    12. You celebrate a long overdue BM as if it was Christmas!

  8. Patty

    You prefer working with dementia patient’s because they smile no matter what.

    • Njames

      I work with WWII Veterans dx with dementia & its never ending laughter with them… Its a very rewarding job… I could write a book about humorous things that’s been said or happened & it will be an encyclopedia … Its mentally & physically draining but at the end of the day I’ll be laughing on my traffic jammed drive home when I do remember the most funniest episode occurred that day. Also, learned & still learning from them with their vast experiences in life…. My reward no matter how difficult to handle the behaviour was were the smile, the pat on the shoulder, knowing my name & my voice…

  9. Sue Droogan

    The best cocktail you can make is MOM and prune juice.

  10. Chrystal LVN

    THis is why I love being in geriatrics spot on!

  11. Jeff Lozinski

    The first words out of your mouth when you walk into any room even at home are “Do you need to use the bathroom?”

    • tapies2324

      what? so the CNA can do the dirty work? Bump that…I’m on break lol

  12. Grace

    You know you’re a geriatric nurse when you think, ‘So this is my future.’

  13. Loretta

    You know you’re a geriatric nurse when you are out and about and you see anybody with grey hair and think, “It won’t be long before he’s in my care. And I got just the room for him.”

    • tapies2324

      I guess I’m not the only horrible person who guesstimates how long before her hip breaks….?

  14. Jen

    You know you’re a geriatric nurse when you go home, and still talk at a loud level. You’re used to all your patient’s being hard of hearing.

  15. SaraBeaver

    You know you are a geriatric nurse when the sound of a patient alarm can makes you run like you’ve never ran before and praying please don’t let this be broken hip!

    • tapies2324

      I have never never never ever seen a NURSE run to anything. Aides yes…..but never a NURSE.

      • agunnell

        Then you are working with the wrong nurses!

      • Smiley

        Don’t know what facility you are working in, but at mine WE are lucky if we don’t run over an aide (usually talking in hall with co-worker or on phone in nutrition room) while WE are running to an alarm, code call, patient call.

      • NurseBrandi

        Wow that’s funny. I agree with Smiley.

  16. sriley

    You are excited when somebody urinates after a catheter comes out and when after several days they finally have a BM!

  17. tired_cna

    You can roll a resident with one arm and change their brief with the other.

  18. tammimari

    You hear “don’t get old”, at least twice a day! :)

  19. missro007

    Enjoy giving hugs to the residents or patients!

  20. dnrnmo

    I have learned a lot over the year and it gives me hope when I am 90+.

  21. Sylvia.may

    This is so true! Wouldn’t want to change it if I could! Love my job so much.

  22. rmnurse

    You know you are a great Geriatric Nurse/Nursing Assistant and in the Right field when you can talk about the consistency of a bowel movement over lunch with your co-workers.

  23. Valerie VanOurkerk

    You help someone off of the pot and grab a few squares of toilet paper but the lol yells at you “thats way too much!”, and proceeds to tear off one square and tell you about the Depression. You can’t help but listen while thinking “How am I gonna do this with one square!”