Top 7 mistakes to avoid in your nursing career

2. Changing Specialties Too Many Times

You started in med/surg but soon got bored and moved to L&D. A few months later you got tired of your boss and jumped to same day surgery. A year later you were on to pediatrics. Switching nursing specialties can be a great way to learn what you really have a passion for, but changing areas too quickly or too many times can cause burnout or hurt your career. You might begin to feel like you don’t have a place in nursing and potential employers might wonder why you haven’t committed to one area for very long.

Give each specialty you enter a chance before you take off for something more enticing. Talk to nurses who are currently working in the area you are considering as well as nurses who have left that specialty. They can give you the nitty gritty details on what that area is really like.

If you’re feeling bored, you’re probably making mistake #3

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