20 bad behaviors that will tick off your coworkers!

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Here are some ways to really tick off your fellow nurses.

I’d suggest entering into the following bad behaviors at your own risk!




20 bad behaviors that will tick off your coworkers!

1. Order out for a meal but don’t ask anyone if they want anything (and/or taking a trip to the vending machine without notice)

2. Add your two cents about everything without being asked

3. Sit on your butt the entire shift when everyone else is running around working like dogs

4. OR, better yet, sleep at the nurses station when everyone else is overwhelmed

5. Put your bare hands in the snacks at the nurses station—especially if you haven’t washed them

6. Use the Q word because you hate it when things are the S word

7. Complain that you “always get the worst assignments”

8. Leave stuff for the next shift to do when you really did have time to do it

9. Give only half the story in report

10. Forget to wear deodorant and neglect to wash your uniform

And what about calling in sick? See the final ten behaviors…

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