The nurse life…in memes!



Getting flung into the real world after nursing school


telling my non-nursing friends about nursing school

 Telling my non-nursing friends about nursing school


the first time I was left alone at the nurse's station

The first time I was left alone at the nurses’ station


when someone tries to give me report the second I walk onto the unit

 When someone tries to give me report the second I walk onto the unit


when I see that I'm working with my favorite nurses + techs and I have a good assignment

 When I see that I’m working with my favorite nurses + techs and I have a good assignment

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23 Responses to The nurse life…in memes!

  1. tinathecma

    Great read! everything was so spot on!

  2. Nanna60

    So true!!! I got a good giggle from this.

  3. Brenda Leavitt

    Sooooo funny! Sooooo (unbelievably) true!

  4. miniab

    Love it!

  5. tleahy

    Hello! This is a great site, just when you think you’ve had it, this gave me the giggles!

  6. ThreePalms

    This just tickled me puffer pink! Esp the little twinkie dudes!

  7. chawnee

    I can relate to so many of those on so many levels! Most of those happened last week! LOL!

  8. sylmar

    Love the one about turning the IV pump off.

  9. bccrn

    I especially liked the scene in which the kittens scattered when asked who wanted to take the next admission. But as I remember, when I worked in the acute care setting, I wasn’t usually asked if I wanted to take an admission. Rather. I was told I was getting one. LOL

  10. kgg2003


  11. AdventuresinNursing

    These are AWESOME because they are so true. Thanks for a great laugh! 😀

  12. brighteyes


  13. Treadingwater41

    I worked in nursing for 41 years. Retirement is a mixed blessing as I miss nursing. Miss the craziness and miss the closeness of relating to all kinds of patients. So many memories….some hilarious, some sad, some so rewarding. I think most of all, miss the special memories that will be with me always. I miss my fellow nurses and how many times we worked so closely together….. pranks we pulled on each other trying to stay awake on the 11p-7a shifts. Love it when we get together and start telling our old hospital stories. My daughter is also a RN and she can call and vent her frustrations but also tell me about her good days. That’s the bond nurses can share. Will always be grateful that I chose nursing.

  14. Poppy Ditchweed

    Those were great … brings back a lot of memories, LOL ….

  15. Alison King

    So true x

  16. LCAshby

    I think this is very funny. Been a nurse for over 35 years, I can tell you most of these are just universal truths, Love the kittens scattering when its an admission coming , love the one with the little girl representing the IV pump beeping, especially for me as I work nights. I enjoyed this and am sharing on Facebook.

  17. wmsprthome

    This fits perfectly for what I face as a nurse aide in an assisted living facility! Only without the pay the nurse gets


    This brings back memories of working nights on med surge floor when I first started nursing!

  19. Pebie Nave

    Love it !!!!!!!
    Too funny soon true !

  20. katerickers

    This is gold! Ps. Your book is fantastic :)

  21. juliashelton51

    Thanks for helping revisit the true definition of nursing as we know it, laugh, shed tears, remember many colleagues,patients, and experiences. I will always feel blessed to be a nurse.

    • Angel2496

      This made me cry , I laughed so hard. Sooo true. I love it.

  22. breehat

    I love it esp. the “I have no idea of what I’m doing” because I felt that way on the first time I was alone as a charge nurse