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Coffee etiquette for nurses—a public service announcement

New nurses—you’re well aware that coffee plays a sacred and necessary role in a nurse’s world, so if there’s one thing you must know going forward (aside from basic CPR and how to maintain a decent poker face), it’s solid coffee etiquette.

Lucky for you, in this week’s episode of “The Sean Dent Show” on ScrubsBeat, Sean reveals three coffee faux pas that are sure to land you in the break room dog house should you be novice enough to commit any. Although, to be fair, veteran nurses have been known to break the law of the land, too.

Don’t risk incurring the wrath of a sleepy nurse who has yet to drink his or her cup of joe. Listen, and commit to memory, Sean’s golden advice. It’s the wise thing to do.

What other nurse-y topic could use a sassy public service announcement, courtesy of Sean? Submit a request via the comments section below!


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