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Nurse contraptions!

Nurse Contraptions: Iron Lung

In the 1950s, nurses tended to patients who were treated in tank-like iron lung contraptions.
Source: National Museum of Health & Medicine

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8 Responses to Nurse contraptions!

  1. Okstudentnurse

    I think it is a blanket/ fluid warmer. When I worked in PACU we had an ancient warmer that look similar to this but slightly newer.

  2. Fl_CEN

    Mystery item one is a Blanketrol patient warmer/cooling unit. They’re still made (although they look a LOT nicer).

    Mystery item two looks like a wall suction unit.

  3. lillypeterson

    This is an iron lung. It used pressure to breathe for young people whose diaphragms were paralyzed by polio. Many of them lived at home in a “lung” for years with round the blockade. Get your kids vaccinated.

  4. lillypeterson

    Oops. Clock

  5. lillypeterson

    This is a gas mask used to protect against mustard gas used in WW I

  6. lillypeterson

    This is a wall suction.

  7. ruralnurse RN

    Iron Lungs were used to treat polio patients.

  8. MrsBland

    I think this might be a cauterizing machine!