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What makes you squeamish?!

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If you’re an avid follower of Scrubs’ Sean Dent (and you certainly should be!), you’ll probably recall his article late last month concerning that one thing that every nurse has a tough time handling, despite standing so tough in the face of just about every other disturbing and gross thing we encounter every day.

Well, it seems NBC had the same idea, because an article popped up just two days later on the NBC News Vitals section discussing the exact same thing. Since this is apparently a trending topic right now, we put together a list of some of your “nursing weaknesses” from the comments of Dent’s article.

“Mine is the ‘P’ word…no, not poop but phlegm! I will take a wound any day over mucus!!!!! LOL…”
– frogeyes10

“Mine is gooey eyes and/or ears. Blood, guts and gore do not phase me but show me a bad case of pink eye and I’m puking. That and I once had a patient admitted for an ear infection. Pus was pouring out this lady’s ear onto the bed…UGH!”
– Vicki

“Sputum! Suctioning it, coughing it up, whatever way it comes. I can handle pretty much anything else, but if I never have to suction a trach again I’ll die a happy RN!”
– Sonie Williams

“Mine are nasty, gnarly, funky toenails.”
– 1MaryAlice

“Give me all the liquid that comes out of a body with no problems, yet say broken bones, misshapen arms, legs etc. …I am so out there.”
– gerdoroy

Do you share any of these same “weaknesses?” Have different ones of your own? What really grosses you out?



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4 Responses to What makes you squeamish?!

  1. Trauma_luvr2202

    I can handle anything but throw up. Or anything pertaining to throwing up.

  2. iamlibertarian

    BO. Really bad bo from someone who has not washed themselves in weeks. Give me C. diff all over the bed and floor but save me from the BO!

  3. LrLNurse

    Parasites….I cannot handle maggots and even pin worms give me the heeby jeebies

  4. chicaloca

    I’ll tell you what grosses me out. Conjugal visits. I understand that the quad can’t clean himself up, but his girlfriend can. I’m sorry but that really upsets me. I have tried to find any information on this that I could. Anything that would help me be ‘OK’ with it. But there is very little out there on the subject of nurses who have to clean the post-coital mess.