10 MORE ways you know you’re a night shift nurse!

iStockphoto | ThinkStock + Scrubs

iStockphoto | ThinkStock + Scrubs

How do you KNOW you’re a night shift nurse? Well, if you’re anything like our Funny Nurses Facebook fans, you exhibit one (or all!) of these telltale signs!

You know you’re a night shift nurse when…


1. You have blackout curtains on your bedroom windows.
 Charlene CM 

2. A night shift joy: ice cold beer at 8 AM while sitting on the porch getting dirty looks from those who don’t know you just got off a long shift. LOL!
Debbie Watson 

3. You have a specific blend of coffee that’s different from the day shift and if the day shift tried it, they would think you’re drinking mud!
 Bryanna Cross

4. Your social life consists of…wait…what social life?!
Tabitha Joseph

5. I can do ANYTHING in the dark! When a patient turns the light on for me I cringe.
Tammy Miedema

6. Wheelchair and gurney races! They are the most fun if it’s snowing or icy. Ummmmmm…so I’ve heard. LOL!
 Terri Arrgh

7. When you know the only stores open at 7 AM are Walmart and Home Depot!
Margaret Brantley

8. If you have to scavenge through the first and second shift leftovers in the kitchen for supper. Or if you have to search the hospital for the house supervisor to get the keys to get some diet jello for a patient (who went back to sleep before you ever got to the elevator in the first place).
Bob Partee 

9. Running into my husband at the gas station on the way home as he is on the way to work. Nice surprise morning kiss.
Carolyn Watson

10. Chocolate is a required food group and we have rather warped senses of humor!
Mary-Ann Hay

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What would you add to the list, night shift nurses?

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9 Responses to 10 MORE ways you know you’re a night shift nurse!

  1. jj84655

    When pizza and hamburgers are high among your breakfast choices.

  2. borty87

    You have all those sundowning patients or when you have find the best sleep pattern fpr yourself

  3. hope my knees last

    If you think coffee should be given as an IV drip!

  4. Plochan

    Satsuma eating contests at 4am. Not a good idea!

  5. Annie Maloney

    No I’m not going to whisper, because your husband is sleeping. He can wake up and help you like he will tomorrow.

  6. dragonqt18

    When you find out u have low vitamin D d/t not getting enough sun. Lol

  7. Dee Urban

    Putting your Sun glasses on before leaving the build because the sunlight hurts your eyes

  8. narna

    When the day staff’s handover is so concise it contains almost no information but during the morning handover they want every obscure, insignificant detail.