11 more six-word descriptions of nursing careers

Thinkstock | Creatas

Thinkstock | Creatas

When our own Agatha Lellis put together a list of hilarious, six-word descriptions of nursing careers, we started wondering what kind of descriptions you would come up with. As we so often do, we turned to the Facebook Funny Nurses page to find out.

And wouldn’t you know, you came up with some great ones to add to the list. We’ve put together a list of 11 new humorous brief career descriptions for nurses. But don’t stop now…let us know if you have something to add to the list!

1. Crazy yesterday, crazy today, crazy tomorrow.
– Mary Overland

2. We keep doctors from killing you.
– Christina Anderson

3. Keep them all alive until 7:05.
– Faith Rahm

4. Never answer phone on day off!
– Kia Hendrix Countess

5. Never go home with the keys!
– Bobekka Hill

6. Never say the Q word…ever!
– Carol Montoya

7. Wake up. Here’s your sleeping pill!
– Sarah Doss Farrer

8. Not written down? Didn’t happen. Document!
– Kay Stevens

9. Lift with your knees, not back!
– Tabatha Smith Waybright

10. Always take a chance to pee…
– Jen Lindsay

11. It’s a passion, not a paycheck.
– Jenny Bee



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7 Responses to 11 more six-word descriptions of nursing careers

  1. Abbee2014

    Full moon coming time for vacation!

  2. trappedagain

    Stop calling in. Work your shift.

  3. ERCruiseRN

    What was I thinking? And Why?

  4. Princess-Nia Baptiste

    You trach em we take em! (If you work LTACs)

  5. 20sMom

    Eat or get an NGT

  6. lharrop0628

    Not today….Not on my shift!!

  7. newgraduate-nurse1

    Nurses have a place in heaven