11 Nurses Confess Their Funniest Pranks on Student Nurses and You’ll Be Horrified. Part 1.


We recently talked to our health community about the funniest and meanest pranks they’ve played on Student Nurses, and the pranks they’ve endured themselves. And let’s just say, we couldn’t stop laughing.

1. I don’t know why anyone would think I speak Spanish, but a colleague asked if I did. I answered yes. She asked what is urine specimen cup in Spanish so she could explain to her patient. I said “Copa urinosky specimenola “. Then I waited outside her patient’s room and heard her telling that to the patient.
Ni O.

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2. Put apple juice in a graduated cylinder – think measuring foley output. I went up to her and told her “another way to check blood sugar is to taste the urine”, and took a sip. The look on her face- hilarious!
J Clow

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3. I pranked a surgical resident. He had just used derma-bond for the first time on a scrotal tear. I told him he had to blow on it to dry it. Lol!!! I stopped him just before he was going to do it.
M Monteiro

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4. Go get me a left handed syringe. Didn’t see the student for the rest of shift!
D Clever

5. Sent a student to look for Fallopian Tubes. Took her a while to come back.
L Singh

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6. In the OR, I asked a student to go and get me an Otis Elevator.
K Gluodenis

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7. A little smear of a Hershey’s kiss on my cheek , walking out of pt’s room saying that was a crappy situation…
Jamie R

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8. We asked a student to fetch some fresh oxygen from the sterilization department.
J Nixon

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9. I once asked my student to apply direct pressure to a gsw on the patient’s head while I perform cpr. My student asked me what is the whitish material coming out from the head, and I told him that it was brain tissues. He passed out in the ER.
H Alamo

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10. I once sent my student on a lunch break. Poor thing, lunch breaks don’t exist in nursing.
H Oates


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11. Told my student to take vitals on a deceased patient.
J Waygoner

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