11 Simple and Budget-Friendly Date Ideas for Busy Nurses


Nurses, without a doubt, have a very demanding profession. It becomes exhausting when you work long hours and attend to so many other’s needs…which is why a little ME time is always in order.  And for those of you with significant others, you also need some WE time!
We spoke to a few nurses who told us their favorite ways to relax, unwind and enjoy date night without breaking the bank.

It’s easy for ‘work life’ to spill into relationships.  But before you start planning, make sure you mark your date on your calendar.  This will help you remember your plans, AND make sure you don’t double book your time!

  1. Have an evening picnic in the yard.  Make it fun and bring candles, a little speaker and a small board game to make it fun. 
  2. Go on a bike ride (or rent bikes).  Make a point of stopping at some landmarks, or ride your bike to dinner. 
  3. Have an at home wine and cheese night.  Turn off the TV and make a point of asking each other the highlight of your day. 
  4. Take a walk together around the neighborhood.  This one can be done any and every night.  Walk to the local Starbucks and get a late night cup of hot chocolate. 
  5. Peruse through old photos (or even yearbooks!) together for some good laughs and great memories.  Use Facebook to help. 
  6. Pack a blanket, bottle of wine, a snack and go stargazing in a nearby park.  Try and pick a park thats a little further out, you’ll be surprised how much of the universe you see. 
  7. Head to a local coffee shop and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea together.  A classic. 
  8. Turn on your favorite tunes at home and have a dance party!  This is for the crazzzzy ones out there, but seriously – it works. 
  9. Buy your favorite ice cream and toppings and make ice cream sundaes together at home.  Those who cook together, stay together.  Cooking and spending time in the kitchen can have a dramatic effect on your dating life. 
  10. Order take-out, lay a blanket out on your living room floor, and have an indoor picnic while watching your favorite movie.  Our favorite. 
  11. Find a free (or almost free) event or activity in your area to attend, like a craft fair, an outdoor concert, a community service project etc.

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