12 biggest reasons nurses get a BSN

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We know a nurse who went back and forth for 17 years asking herself, “Should I get a BSN? Should I wait to get a BSN? Can I possibly get a BSN and work at the same time?”

17 years.

Well, we’re pleased to announce that she finally DID get that BSN, and all signs point to a happy result! So, what led her to finally make the right call? Maybe because she read this list:

12 biggest reasons nurses get a BSN

1. More job opportunities. Many employers require a BSN for numerous positions (especially management jobs) within their organization.

2. Leadership. To bring management and leadership skills to the floor.

3. Low-impact job options. As the years wear on, you’ll inevitably find yourself desiring a nursing job with less physical demands than floor nursing. Being able to fall back on the BSN degree makes this transition possible.

4. Master’s prep. It’s a stepping stone to getting a Advertisementmaster’s degree.

5. Marketability. An increasing number of clinical job postings are listing “BSN preferred.”

6. Opens the door to non-hospital opportunities. While you may be satisfied at your job today, earning a BSN will allow you to avoid scrambling when you’re ready to get out from under the fluorescents.

7. Personal enrichment. Earning a BSN requires a broad range of studies including liberal arts, history, poli-sci, informaticsAdvertisement, health assessment, forensics, genetics…the list goes on!

8. Higher pay. ’Nuff said.

9. Flexibility. You can earn a BSN without being a full-time student. The flexibility of Advertisementonline education appeals to nurses who are interested in a higher degree, but are unable to devote the time all at once.

10. NP prep. It’s a stepping stone to getting the MSN as an NP.

11. Pride. The satisfaction of completing a bachelor’s degree.

12. Supplemental knowledge. Nurses who are interested in being the best they can be appreciate the extra knowledge that will enhance their everyday nursing skills.

Do you have a BSN degree? Tell us why!

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