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13 Things That Only A Nurse Would Do


You know you are a nurse when


Part five to “You Know You’re a Nurse When…” article.

We asked our Funny Nurses family to fill in the blank after “You know you’re a NURSE when…” (above photo) and we got some pretty great responses! We think you’ll relate – see below:

You know you’re a NURSE when…

1. When you are calling in for refills of your OWN medications and hit the number for ” If you are a Dr’s office… Press 2″…Then have to explain to the Tech… Opppsss!! LOL! – Sebrina Clifton Farrow

2. When you are waiting until your bladder is going to explode before going to the bathroom, at home. – Katrina Ramos

3. When you wash your hands *before* using the toilet… – Cris Lackner

4. When your first aid kit at home is better then the EMT’s – Barbara Wilt

5.  When you can spot an asthmatic, an ETOH abuser/or drug abuser a mile away. – Kenya MY

6. When you are too tired to be able to fall asleep… and your next shift is 8 hours away. – Melanie Maples

7. When you can eat any food and use the bathroom in 5 seconds or less…that’s a seasoned nurse for sure. – Marcia Roberts Webber

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