22 cheap ways for nurses to de-stress


6. Visit the Shooting Range

Does your stress ever turn into rage, and you want to rip your hair out and scream? Before you tear down your curtains and punch that hole in your wall, consider paying a visit to your local shooting range.

There’s something curiously calming about loading a gun, aiming, squeezing the trigger and hearing the bullets rip holes into a paper target. Not only does it release the physical tension that’s been building up from your stress, but you also get the satisfaction of taking home your target and showing off your killer aiming skills to your friends.

Shooting ranges generally charge by the hour, and the prices are reasonable if you have your own gun. Renting a gun isn’t that much more expensive, but if you wanted to take a class, they’re a bit pricey, ranging from $40 to $65.

Cost: $10-18/hour if you have your own gun; Renting a gun can be $10-20/hour extra; Classes run $40-65
More Info: Google “shooting range” and your town and state

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