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5 hidden perks of being a nurse


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Navigating your way through the health care system is no easy task; just ask any consumer. Everything from the confusing medical terminology to the repetitive names of a singular medication can make anyone a little edgy. It’s times like these that I’m thankful I’m a nurse.

While there are plenty of personal and professional benefits to becoming a nurse, there are some things we take for granted. As nurses, we’ve conquered some common everyday fears. Here are some of those hidden perks:

Medicines won’t scare you

Remember how confusing and frightening nursing school was? We learned about trade names versus generic names; sometimes one medication had a handful of names. It took us a number of months (sometimes years), but those confusing names became commonplace to us.

Medical emergencies won’t scare you

All nurses are educated in basic life support, and many of us have advanced education and training. When there is a medical emergency, we know what to do at its most basic level. We use our education and training on an almost daily basis.

Doctors won’t scare you

White coat syndrome is a real and treatable phenomenon. As nurses, the majority of us don’t have that anxiety when speaking with our health care provider. We speak their language.

The news won’t scare you

The latest outbreak, vaccine scare or health recommendation always gives nurses some pause. We know the difference between research based on sound evidence and sensationalism. We validate the news release and make an informed, evidenced-based decision instead of being influenced by what “sounds good.”

Hospitals won’t scare you

Is it just me, or did hospitals feel different before you became a nurse? There was an air of uncertainty and apprehension every time I walked through hospital doors. Now, I don’t bat an eyelash.

Maybe fear is too strong a word. How about understanding the unknown?

I can’t say I’d use these perks as a means of convincing someone to join our profession, but they sure do make life a little easier, don’t they?

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