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5 ways for nurses to celebrate Nurses Week


Hemera | Muhmmad IrshadHemera | Muhmmad Irshad

Happy Nurses Week, everyone! It’s the one time of year where we hopefully get recognized for the grueling, selfless work we do every day. While I’m sure your employer will be planning some much-needed festivities during the week, I think this is a great time for us to do something for ourselves, for each other and for our profession. Here are five great ways to celebrate our week:

1. Recognize the past, but don’t get stuck in it:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m eternally grateful for Flo and her lamp. Without her and her amazing courage, I would not be living my dream today, but we need to step beyond the “traditions” of nursing and courageously take the next step. We need to get outside of our comfort zones and tackle new ground, expand our horizons and be on the forefront of healthcare.

2. Thank every non-nurse you work with:

I’m talking EVERYONE. The security guard, the housekeeper, the food service personnel and beyond. This list is endless. Without them, our jobs would be exponentially more difficult.

3. Thank and recognize a student:

Don’t EVER forget how you got where you are. Always remember the fear you had as a student and as a new nurse. Always remember that suffocating feeling. Remember it and share in it with those who are experiencing it. Without their courage, our profession would suffer.

4. Thank and recognize those who are more seasoned than you:

Don’t EVER forget where you are going. Always remember the education, comfort and training you received from those before you. Always remember how good it felt to have a resource. Without their insight, our profession would suffer.

5. Promote our profession:

It’s not enough to just show up for work. It’s not enough to just clock in and out. You are never “just a nurse.” It’s time to help your profession grow and flourish. It’s time the professional in you stepped up to the plate and helped plant a few seeds. Take pride in what we do, and be sure to spread the good word.

This is the one time of year that we should lean into the spotlight. We’ll spend the other 51 weeks out of the year avoiding recognition, because it’s just what we do. For the next several days, be sure to celebrate how great we really are.

Happy Nurses Week!

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