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7 Things Nurses Are Grateful For



  1. Meeting New People from Different Backgrounds


Being a nurse means getting the chance to know a lot of people every day. While this might also be the case for many other jobs, the perspective is much richer. You get to actually meet them from a very raw perspective, where they could hardly be much other than what they are. You have the wonderful chance of understanding humanity in its entirety much better than in many other environments – and what a gift can that be.


  1. The Power of Vulnerability


No other job could probably teach you the power of being vulnerable better. It is in that moment of extreme vulnerability that people are being given a chance to reconnect to their own, unshaken strength. You get to see this all the time, whether the people you meet embrace it or not. The lesson is there for those who can see it. Ultimately, this job is not entirely about everybody else. You get to learn what it takes to love and appreciate life, to have the courage to follow your dreams and to connect to yourself and others genuinely.


  1. Having the Chance to Bring Blessings into People’s Lives


You might not see it every time it happens since nursing can usually come with a lot of modesty. This is your job, and it does not necessarily feel as if you would be doing something special. But, what feels just a regular day at work for you can be a real life changing moment for those you are helping. Give in to appreciating this wonderful chance you hav,e to bless and impact people’s lives. If it ever feels appropriate, you can even express it to others. As you might know, the gratitude chain is infectious. So, spread it.


  1. Being Respected


Whatever happens and no matter how many hardships you have to go through constantly, one thing you can always rely on is the respect you get for your profession. Although not many might be able to show it to you, you must know that  respect is something many people carry for you. So if discouragement kicks in, sweep it away gently and remind this to yourself.


Any way you look at it, there are many things to be thankful for every day of your life. So, what are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?




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