ANA poll illustrates need for adequate nurse staffing

The American Nurses Association (ANA) spent two years conducting its Safe Staffing Poll online, inviting nurses to provide responses to questions concerning nurse working conditions and the consequential effect on patient care. With over 16,000 responses, the poll clearly defines the need for adequate nurse staffing to deliver quality patient care. Here are a few interesting points from the survey:

  • 52.2 percent of nurses that answered the poll said the quality of care on their unit has declined in the past year.
  • 72.5 percent do not believe the staffing on their unit is sufficient.
  • 50.5 percent said they would not feel comfortable having someone close to them receive care in the facility in which they work.
  • 53.5 percent of nurses are considering leaving their current position, and of that percentage, 43.2 percent said the reason they are considering leaving is because of inadequate staffing.

See the full results of the poll here.

Do you consider your unit to be inadequately staffed, and if so, what effects are you seeing on the quality of patient care?


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2 Responses to ANA poll illustrates need for adequate nurse staffing

  1. Rhona Davis

    If there were adequate staffing, not only would patients be safer but so would staff members!!!!! Every lawyer in the country goes after lack of care for the workers except for nurses. Maybe it is time to do that. Nursing never listens….they just keep on talking the same ole game! I was injured in my late 30’s and after working so hard to get my RN degree etc, I resent the fact that with adequate staffing, I would still be healthy!!!! I have spent the last 21 years in severe pain with no hope for a better life of retirement. I haven’t worked all this time and don’t get to live my life as I would have. TO ME ALL THE THINGS YOU LIST ARE TRUE BUT YOU LEAVE OUT ONE VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE….NURSES OVERABUSED BODIES AND RUINED HEALTH DUE TO THOSE BROKEN DOWN BACKS LIFTING PATIENTS. WE HAD ANA LEADERS WHO THOUGHT IT BEST TO GET RID OF LPN’S AND ORDERLIES AND RN’S COULD DO ALL THE PHYSICAL WORK ALONG WITH ALL THE NURSING WORK….IMPOSSIBLE……WHERE IS MY INCOME, RETIREMENT FROM THE HOSPITAL, THE HEALTH CARE INSURANCE, I WAS UNABLE TO DRIVE FOR SEVERAL YEARS. DON’T FEEL LIKE DRIVING VERY FAR NOW. A SHORT TRIP TO THE GROCERY. HAVE TO GET MYSELF TO DOCTORS APPT. THERE IS NO PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. THERE IS NOTHING. WHEN WILL YOU PUBLISH ANYTHING LIKE THIS BECAUSE IT IS NOT RARE

  2. Elizabeth Burtch

    Hospitals are intentionally not hiring enough RN’s or other staff to make the working environment safe for the patients or the nurses. Administrators have no respect for the profession. They are more interested in the bottom line yet, they don’t work under the severe stress and shortages that they expect of RN’s. I was told it would actually get worse.

    I was fired from my job because “I didn’t fit it with staff”. Where’s the professionalism? What about the hospitals enforcing their desire to have nurses who work well with each other despite differences.
    I reported a nurse manager to the Ethics hotline for taking discharged patient home meds and donating them to a local Charity as a patient and hospital advocate as my license required. her actions were a clear violation of patient rights and against hospital policy but the hospital never investigated the grievance. Instead I suffered retaliation, racial discrimination and harassment. The hospital was just as unethical as the nurse manager.

    So much for the nursing career and it’s ethics which they claim to be above board and expected of nurses.
    A nurse with 20 years experience quite her position one month before I was fired for the same reasons and because she was worried about her license.

    We both now are unable to find employment and believe the hospital is ruining our reputations or the economy is so bad that no one is hiring nurses.

    Beware anyone interested in nursing. If you don’t work under the hospitals stressful and dangerous work environments there are 5 other nurses willing to take your place.

    There isn’t a shortage. Nurses are constantly having to find new employment so frequently that it just appears that way. This is no longer acceptable.