How has nursing changed or challenged the way you view God?

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The experience of being a nurse will challenge and change you, perhaps even make you a completely different person from who you were before you donned your first set of scrubs.

We asked you, our readers, how being a nurse has changed or challenged the way you view God. Most nurses have strong opinions about spirituality and its role at the bedside. Here are some of your thoughts.

“Yes, our work is based on science, but that is only a part of it. Becoming a nurse has strengthened my belief in God! I have seen God work miracles where science said it wouldn’t happen! I truly believe the science we practice works hand in hand with our spiritual beliefs, whatever they may be. One certainly doesn’t cancel out the other!”
—Mindy Smith Hutchinson


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6 Responses to How has nursing changed or challenged the way you view God?

  1. KatrinaTexan

    I find thru my experience that if you are not grounded in a spiritual/relgious based faith you are like a ship without a rudder in the ocean. You are a the mercy of the current and the wind for your direction. You need a GSP godly/goddess spiritual purpose to get you thru the pot holes,, the detours along to road of your career.experiences.. You have to be rooted in your belief system strongly for strenght and guidence for the gret times and the trying times ahead. I worked with nurses from all beliefs systems and I have an open mind and a caring heart to those of different lifestyle choices also. My beliefs have help me to survive the variety of situations dealing with ignorance and arrogance of staff members. My belef system has gotten stronger now that I am a Crisis/ Continous Care Nurse working with terminal Hospice clients and families.

  2. joirsanchez75

    Dealing with so much tragedy, pain, grief and hopelessness in so many situations, and being amazed at the fortitude, strength and courage of some patients and family members. I have come to be so much more grateful spiritually, more compassionate. Thankful for my health and of my family. Compassionate in caring for my patients as if they were my family, in trying to meet their needs and care. Its all a reality many people don’t even know exists.

  3. zornowk

    I work in the NICU and I see faith played out everyday. I don’t know how anyone could look at a new life coming into the world, and NOT believe in a higher being. Yes- science plays a huge role in our profession, but I feel that God has given us that knowledge and ability to do what we do. Sometimes we get a little “cocky”, thinking we are God, but then something happens and I have to think that God is trying to tell us that He’s still in charge!

    • rsatta

      Not believing in a higher being makes Nursing easier. There’s no supreme being looking after us. There’s no afterlife for a reward. We all only have here and now, and we only have each other to depend on for help. That’s why it’s urgent we all care for everyone. We’re all we’ve got.

  4. wdeisermann

    I do not believe in God, but that perpetuates my desire to help out others. If this is the only life we are given, I want to help my patients maximize their lives in the way they want.