How to score the best nurse benefits

nurse-paidI have noticed that most nurses are very worried what they will be making for a salary, especially younger nurses.  But what you also need to look at is the entire benefits package you receive.  This includes the salary, medical and dental insurance, tuition reimbursement and even parking.
There was a day when most of these benefits could be negotiated.  You could tell the hospital recruiter how much you wanted to make and how much you wanted to pay for insurance….heck, you could even negotiate a hiring bonus.  But in these times, with a surplus of nurses graduating from school every day, the hospitals are now in a position that they don’t have to negotiate.  They can tell you what they will pay you. They may have room to move a couple of dollars per hour, but when it comes to the other benefits, they will tell you how much they will pay.

What I tell nurses is to look at hospitals that provide a good salary along with a great benefits package.  If you’re considering going back to school, make sure you find an employer that provides the most tuition reimbursement you can find.  If you’re getting ready to start a family and have a child, you may want to find a hospital that provides quality insurance and pays a large portion of your premiums.  If you have bad teeth…well, then dental is your focus.

Remember, salary is not the only part of what you want to receive from the hospital; you want to ensure the benefits you receive are what you really want and need for your position in life.

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