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Make The Most Of Your Children’s Time When Working Long Shifts


How To Make The Most of Your Relationship with Your kids when you work the long shifts
It’s not easy being a full-time parent when you also have to be a full-time nurse. Both jobs take up a lot of time and attention, so making sure you balance them can be quite the challenge.


With long shifts, busy schedule, and many hours spent on your feet, you usually feel exhausted at the end of the day. But, spending time with your children doesn’t have to become a luxury.


To make sure your kids are still getting enough love and attention from you, you have to plan everything ahead. That means implementing some smart time management in your family’s life.


Here are some helpful ideas.


  1. Keep It Simple


There’s nothing that can compare to the love and affection that children receive from their parents. When you give your kids, love and attention, it’s not even relevant to any of you if you get to spend a whole day together or just some highly qualitative 20 minutes before going to bed.


Regardless of how much time you spend working, always try to show your children they are still the most important aspect of your life. Ask them about their day and their feelings and never forget to share how you feel as well. Encourage honesty and closeness and your relationship will always stay strong.



  1. Plan a “Fun Date” During the Week


There’s no denying that you have a million different things on your plate at work. But, there has got to be a moment during the week when you will have at least 2-3 hours to give to your children. Plan ahead and organize a Fun Date with them so that they can stay excited through the week.


With kids usually having so many hopes around what you have to give to them, you don’t want to let them down. To avoid them being disappointed with mom or dad getting home exhausted after a long shift, try instead to make sure they always look ahead to that “Fun Date” you planned together. That will help take away the pressure they might bring when you are tired and help focus everybody’s energy and excitement onto a specific target.


Make these Fun Dates all about them. Every week – for example, during dinner on Sunday, you could all discuss what fun thing they would like to do on the next Fun Date. It’s the perfect way to make everybody feel a part of how the family manages time resources.


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