Hilarious t-shirts for every nurse specialty

We nurses aren’t necessarily known for our fashion sense. We like scrub pants with enough room in the tush to allow us to bend over without fear of a split, and scrub shirts with a multitude of voluminous pockets to carry around our supplies. However, sometimes a nurse just needs to let the world know how great she is—and that’s where these nurse specialty T-shirts come in.
They may not win fashion awards and they probably don’t comply with your facility’s dress code, but they say a great deal about nurses and what they do for a living. These shirts are about more than just being a nurse—they’re about being proud of your specialty and having a little fun with it.


If you’ve worked as a nurse who takes care of surgical patients, you know that making them laugh is usually not recommended. Nurses who have a sense of humor, though, can appreciate this shirt that proudly proclaims “Surgical Nurse: We Keep You in Stitches.”


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