Nurse bling: Male nurse edition


Male nurses—your numbers are on the rise, and it occurred to us that you could use your own nurse “bling.” So we took to Etsy and a few of our favorite brands to find items we think you’ll not only love, but can help make your day a little easier, too.
We think we’ve come pretty darn close to hitting our mark. But we’ll let you be the judge of that….

For turning a bad hair day into a high-five-heavy kinda day.

Find it here.

Explanations can be exasperating, and this pretty much sums things up, right? We say catch ’em before they have a “foot in mouth” moment with this delightfully blunt crewneck.

Find it here.

A woman’s work bag may contain more items than a department store, but a man has on-the-job needs, too. Carry your necessities to and fro without sacrificing organization in this classic canvas bag with two convenient carry handles, an adjustable shoulder strap and leather zip pulls.

And did we mention it has pockets? Lots and lots of pockets.

You can find it here.

If you’re looking at more of a short haul, toss your belongings into this slightly less roomy, but equally rugged-looking shoulder bag.

Find it here.

Speaking of carting items around: lunch bags. Durable, reusable and beeswax-blended lunch bags for the environmentally aware (and hungry) nurse.

Find them here.



Find it here.

The “if you lose your keys, somebody will return them,” #1 most trusted profession guarantee.

Find it here.

Everything a nurse could possibly need in a watch—Japanese movement, a 24-hour dial, red second hands, water resistance and a two-year warranty.

But most importantly? Camo. 

Find it here.

Same features, fresh design for a very literal “different strokes…” moment. Thanks, Cherokee.

Find it here.



You couldn’t be any better at losing socks if it were your job.

That’s why this six-set bundle isn’t just convenient—it’s basically imperative to your ability to start your day. Especially if that day is bound to be spent moving at high speeds throughout the hospital, since these no-show socks are a rather formidable combination of polyester, rubber and spandex intended for less adjusting and more doing.

When you can’t find any other socks, find these here.


Don’t be shy! Love? Hate? Somewhere in between? Share with us your own verdict on our latest Nurse Bling venture in the comments section below! 

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