Nurse Confessions! Part IV

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The latest in our wildly popular, somewhat controversial series Never Have I Ever Part I, Part II and Part III.

A recap: Did you ever play “Never have I ever…” back in college?

If you did, you know how absolutely inappropriate, revealing, and deliciously fun the game can be! Now you get to do again, but as a nurse. And with PURE anonymity.

We queried a range of nurses about their most secret confessions. Some are tame. Some are wild. Some are heartbreaking.

Click through, vote, and see how many other nurses have had the same experiences as you.

Never have I ever…

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One Response to Nurse Confessions! Part IV

  1. Helen marshall

    Some of those confessions should have a stipulation about being pregnant when some of those patient conditions happened.I came very close to throwing up on a Cardiac Surgeon when I was new pregnant when he wanted me to assist him with the removal of 4 sets of chest tubes one morning.