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We caught up with Slava Chuklansev, a BSN, RN Supervisor (Psych) and asked for his top ten tips while becoming a Nurse. You may have seen him alongside his cardiac nurse wife, Gayana Chuklansev.
From being somewhat selfish, to being empathetic, Slava pulls no punches, and lays down his survival guide to becoming a nurse.

1) When you are a student in nursing school, don’t feel bad about missing out on family/friends events. You are doing something to better your future and people need to understand that you will not be around as much. And if you feel like you’re missing out, just remember it will all be worth it once you’re done and can attend all the events your heart desires.

2) Whether you are in nursing school or already a working nurse, making time for yourself to do something you enjoy. In my case exercising is a huge stress reliever and I highly recommend it at least 3 days a week. Physical activity is healthy for both your body and mind, with the ultimate hobby, in my opinion, being one that not only provides a mental break from stress but also gets your blood pumping.

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3) Don’t sweat the small stuff, which accounts for all areas of life. In relationships, at work and  school, and life in general, things will go wrong. You must learn from your mistakes, make adjustments where necessary, and keep it moving in the right direction. No one and nothing is perfect, because if everyone and everything were perfect the world would be one boring place.

4) Don’t work yourself to the point of burnout. Slow and steady wins the race and over working yourself will not only make you irritable but will directly affect the quality of care you provide for your patients.

5) This ties in with #4. Plan vacations to get away from routine living and take a break from it all. Everyone needs a reset button, and vacationing makes for a great reset button even if it’s a short weekend getaway.

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