Part 2: Exclusive Interview With Sofia Vergara

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SCRUBS: What is something that has surprised you about your interactions with nurses?

SOFIA: I love to laugh and make other people laugh—both personally and professionally. I was surprised at how these strong women with very serious jobs still find ways to have an incredible sense of humor and make everyone smile. It really is the best medicine.

SCRUBS: Tell us about the name “Careisma.” It’s actually a fun word to say—and I can’t help doing my “Sofia” impression every time I say it.

SOFIA: We were looking for the ideal word that would combine the concepts of caregiving, authentic personality, and, of course, style. We felt merging the powerful words “care” and “charisma” into “Careisma” was the perfect way to express what my collection is all about.

SCRUBS: The tagline for Careisma by Sofia Vergara is “embrace your curves.” How do you think that connects with healthcare professionals?

SOFIA: Nurses have very active jobs. They need to be functional at work. Often they don’t know what each shift will bring. Careisma by Sofia Vergara is a line that’s meant to be flattering and fashionable, no matter what the day throws at you. You can embrace your own body’s curves, the curves that life throws at us all, and embrace your beauty while feeling supercomfortable and delivering amazing healthcare.

SCRUBS: You’ve been involved with a number of health-related charities, but one in particular increased your awareness of the hard work nurses do.

SOFIA: Yes, Stand Up To Cancer. It is very personal to me, since I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I will be on medication my whole life, and I’m strict about doing what the doctor says. Every time I go for a checkup or blood test, I meet the kindest and most dedicated nurses. When you realize that the work nurses are doing is helping you to live a healthier and more productive life, it fills you with a deep sense of respect and gratitude.

SCRUBS: Give me the Sofia Vergara definitions of the following words: “fearless.”

SOFIA: Being true to yourself, no matter where you are or whom you are with.

SCRUBS: “Fashionable.”

SOFIA: Proudly owning your body and wearing clothes that make you feel beautiful and empowered.

SCRUBS: “Feminine.”

SOFIA: Embracing your curves and loving who you are.

SCRUBS: I can’t thank you enough for chatting with us today. Is there any final message that we can pass along to all of our healthcare professionals directly from you?

SOFIA: Thank you for the great work you do every day. Please know you are truly appreciated!

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