props-fist-bumpNow I didn’t become a manager for the glory, there certainly is any of that.  I didn’t become a manager for the money; I made more as a staff nurse with differentials and overtime.  And I certainly didn’t do it for the great hours, Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm and on call 24/7.  But, like anybody, I would like a pat on the back once in a while too.
As a manager I make sure to tell my staff when they do a good job.  I feel that immediate recognition is the best way to help maintain employee’s behaviors.  Actually, that goes for reprimanding employees too.  But back to giving props.

But nobody ever tells me “good job.”  I make sure nurses have the best team members possible by hiring the best nurses.  I make sure they have all the equipment and supplies they need to perform safe and effective patient care.  I help on the unit with patient care by lifting, starting IVs and being a resource to the staff.  And I talk to my staff, give advice and support my staff with their life outside of work as well.

If you have a manager that is doing a good job, let them know.  Tell them thank you, tell them they are a good boss, or just give them a pat on the back.

Meanwhile, I’ll tell myself……Good Job Rob!

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