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Top 10 ways to tell you’re a CNA


A CNA has a special way of adapting to his or her environment. Check out these humorous insights about life as a nurse assistant.
10. You have a handful of pens and permanent markers in your pockets.

9. You can determine how bad the BM is from the smell.

8. You treat certain residents like family.

7. You know every resident by name and what room they’re in.

6. You need a back massage after every shift.

5. You vow never to end up in a facility when you’re old.

4. You know who the smokers are without looking at the list.

3. You deserve a raise for all the B.S. that you deal with.

2. Taking a few days off feels good—when you’re not worrying about work.

1. You say “good night” and “see you soon” to every resident.

This list is by Denise Freeman, CNA.


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