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Style_shoesNurse Ratched may have worn high heels in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but that sort of shoe isn’t going to fly in today’s fast-paced modern world. High-heeled shoes are dangerous and uncomfortable, and male nurses would feel downright silly in them.
Can you seriously imagine running to the aid of a patient in a pair of medical-grade high heels? It is possible that the elimination of such shoes has increased the survival rate of patients?

There are already substantial improvements in the nursing shoes of today. Comfort-wise, there’s no comparison. Nursing clogs, although not generally gorgeous, are stocky, sturdy and stable. You won’t win any fashion shows wearing them, but you’ll feel great walking the runway.

But some nursing shoes are actually rather cute—the kind you can wear without getting teased by Tim Gunn or Tyra Banks. These shoes are stylish on the outside but well-padded on the inside, with thick soles. Some look like sneakers. Others look like low-cut boots. There are even nursing sandals for those casual and/or beachside nursing moments.

The latest trend in RN footwear is the lightweight slip-on. One we like is called The Zone. These shoes look like colorful Dutch clogs and have a strap that fastens the foot snugly in place.

One salesperson that told us that Zones are so comfortable that the “try-to-buy” ratio is astounding, and it’s Cherokee Uniform’s most popular new shoe.

Oh, and The Zone is a unisex shoe, so unlike high heels, male nurses won’t feel ridiculous in them. Well, if they do, it won’t be the shoes’ fault this time.

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