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Video roundup: Makeup tips for nurses


Have you ever left the hospital only to look in a mirror and realize that your liner had smudged–very visibly–at some point during your shift? Or are you bored with your current makeup routine and need some new tips for looking polished on the job? Well, you’re in luck–we found five video makeup tutorials specifically for busy nurses! Watch them and tell us your best tricks for 12-hour-shift-proof makeup, natural on-the-job looks and more.
1. Smudge-Proof Liner for Nurses

Maricarl Janah has a YouTube video channel chock-full of quick makeup tips and tutorials, including a few specifically for nurses. You could get lost for hours learning her specific and helpful hints! We suggest starting with her suggestions for smudge-free liner and clicking around from there.


2. Makeup Tips for Nurses

Nursing student Kelli has a few videos dedicated to beauty tips, like this short and concise one on makeup for nurses. She writes, “Wondering what makeup you should wear to the hospital? I show you how to get a simple neutral look with both drugstore and high-end products! This tutorial is easy to follow and will leave you looking your best for that 12-hour shift ahead of you!”


3. 12-Hour-Proof Makeup

Need makeup that stays with you all shift long? Check out nurse Angie’s step-by-step video of her morning makeup routine. She says: “My job requires a lot of physical activity and close contact with people, so it can become a steamy active environment. However, with the following items I am able to achieve a makeup look that lasts for 12-plus hours; my coworkers are always surprised at how long my makeup lasts!” Check it out and steal her best moves!


4. Looking Your BEST as a Nurse

EmpoweRN‘s channel features everything from beauty tips to how to deal with rude patients to little science and medical lessons! She often takes requests, as was the case with this helpful video on looking your best at work.


5. Get Ready With Us

This fun video, from the YouTube channel Nicole Rose & Co., features two RNs chatting about beauty tips nurses can use and love as they get ready for their shifts.

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Nurses, what are your tips for great makeup on the go? Share in the comments below!

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