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White uniform-approved underwear


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This comment of the week post had me laughing.  Never having understood why anyone would want “juicy” written on their butt like a piece of meat, I got a kick out of this story and it had me remembering the underwear stories from my nursing program.
On our first day orientation, the upperclassmen came in to give us a talk about uniforms and ettiquette. A loud, “class-clown” type male student got up, speaking “seriously” in front of the professors, until he said, “the uniforms are white, so they’re SEE THROUGH, don’t wear no bright red underwear with the kiss marks all over it!”  Everyone was having a laugh, but secretly, all us girls added one more thing to our mental shopping list: white underwear.

We soon discovered that white underwear showed through like crazy! Nude colored underwear, and unfun as they were, was the way to go. We all went shopping again. Or at least I did. My friends all came up with the most uncomfortable and elaborate ways to keep their underwear from showing… as if everyone was looking. I mean, really.

Some wore white stockings underneath their white pants – if any of them got as hot as I did in clinical without them, I couldn’t imagine the day with an extra layer around my legs, all for the sake of hiding my panty-line. Others opted to wear a thong…for 12 hours! I’ll pass, thanks!  Others wore tight shorts underneath.  All options seemed like such a waste of thought and comfort, and none of them were really “hidden.”  In fact, the one thing that worked best? A regular old fashioned pair of nude-colored cotton underwear! And on top of that, no one is looking. Keep it simple and worry about your patients, not your butt!

Ani Burr, RN
I'm a brand new, full-fledged, fresh-out-of-school RN! And better yet, I landed the job of my dreams working with children. I love what I do, and while everyday on the job is a new (and sometimes scary) experience, I'm taking it all in - absorbing everything I can about this amazing profession we all fell in love with.

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