You know you’re an ICU nurse when…

Are you stuck hanging blood and plasma? Right. It must be lunch time! The life of an ICU nurse is captured in this top ten list. 

You know you’re an ICU nurse when…

10. You dread the new resident rotation.

9. You’re used to not using the bathroom in a 12-hour shift.

8. You tell the resident what orders to write.

7. You eat in between hanging blood and plasma.

6. You don’t have a medical degree, but you know the diagnosis and treatment for your patient.

5. You’re there when the code 99 is over before the doctor gets to the room.

4. You’re not afraid to stand up to anyone.

3. Your job is stressful and all you’re afraid of is the thought of cutting people’s hair.

2. You develop really sick humor.

1. You go in to work for your shift and you’re not overwhelmed—it is what it is.

This list is by Sonja Molyneux, RN.

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6 Responses to You know you’re an ICU nurse when…

  1. Granny RN RN

    I LOVE IT! Sums it all up very well-especially the part about the residents! The most successful residents I ever worked with (and later the most successful Physicians) were the ones who came into the Unit on Day 1 and sought out a friendly RN who could and would keep them out of trouble!

  2. Allison RN

    This is AWESOME!!! So true, so true. The longer you’ve worked in the ICU the more twisted your sense of humor and your ability to laugh at yourself is apparent. I love being an ICU RN.

  3. acates11 Caption Contest

    You forgot to mention that you always check other peoples veins when at the mall.

  4. thirtyoneRN

    Fantastic…we are constantly telling the residents what they should order!

  5. ingee

    Too true, though we laugh about the comment ‘nurses stop the doctors from killing your relative’ if only people knew how true this is! I am constantly asked by new RMOS & sometimes Consultants whats the dose, whats the usual, what would you normally do!. Latest bad order 150mg of clonidine! saved by the nurse again!.

  6. cavandre RN

    I always got a kick out of watching the residents go through their PGY time. The ones who started out the most arrogant were always the ones who by Chief year were the most thankful for the knowledge the nurses shared with them